Blankets Project in Dokkhin Bonosree, Bangladesh

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On January 25th, 2016, GYLO Dhaka division headed out to Dokkhin Bonosree, Dhaka to distribute over 200 blankets to locals who needed it the most. These blankets are not just a sign of warmth, but a symbol of hope and unity.  Because hope is not dividing each other, hope is picking each other up to highest places. Hope is not just blind optimism, it is recognizing a problem and trying to find a solution. And it is with this hope that we at GYLO plan to dissolve poverty piece by piece until we see the day where everyone has an equal access to education no matter class, gender, status; until we see the day when factory workers in third world countries start making enough money to support their families; until the day we can see the end to world hunger.

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